Don’t know your ring size? Don’t fret, below is a chart to help you order the right sized ring.
There are two ways of measuring for a ring -

The first is to measure an existing ring that fits your desired finger. You can do this by measuring the internal diameter of the ring in millimeters and then checking the chart below to convert it into the right ring size.
Or you can wrap your desired finger “snugly” with a piece of paper or string and mark out where it overlaps. Then straighten out against a ruler and measure it in millimeters and check the chart below to find size.

There are also some fantastic apps you can download for free that measure the inside of a ring and give you the size.


Ring Diameter 

Finger Circumference  

K 15.9 mm 49.9 mm
L 16.3 mm 51.2 mm
M 16.7 mm 52.5 mm
N 17.1 mm 53.8 mm
O 17.5 mm 55 mm
P 17.9 mm 56.3 mm
Q 18.3 mm 57.6 mm
R 18.7 mm 58.9 mm
S 19.2 mm 60.1 mm
T 19.6 mm 61.4 mm
U 20 mm 62.7 mm
V 20.4 mm 64 mm
W 20.8 mm 65.2 mm
X 21.1 mm 66.5 mm
Y 21.6 mm 67.8 mm
Z 21.8 mm 68.4 mm